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A Guide by Sheesha Sense: What to Add to your Hookah Base

In the enchanting realm of sheesha, enthusiasts embark on a sensory journey that transcends the ordinary—an experience where friends and flavor come together. Picture a cozy evening, friends gathered around, laughter weaving through the air, and a sheesha at the center of it all. It's not just about the smoke; it's about the symphony of different types of hookah flavors that dance on the taste buds, creating a tapestry of indulgence for everyone.

The heart of the sheesha experience lies in its diverse array of shisha flavors, each puff offering a unique exploration of taste. From the zesty notes of green mango to the sweet embrace of mango peach, the choices are as diverse as the personalities gathered around the sheesha. It's a sensory adventure, a journey through tropical orchards and lush landscapes, all within the confines of aromatic clouds. With each puff Sheesha Sense allows you to enter a world of wholesome hookah flavours. Our exclusive collection includes some classics as well as unique flavors: strawberry, peach mango, saffron paan and mint flavours to name few.

The Hookah Base

Yet, the art of sheesha extends beyond the flavors alone. Enter the realm of experimentation, where you become a chemist, blending and concocting to create personalized symphonies of taste. The sheesha base, traditionally filled with water, is yet another canvas for innovation. Imagine infusing it with chilled fruit juices, aromatic teas, or even floral essences—the possibilities are as boundless as the imagination.

The sheesha experience becomes a holistic exploration, engaging not just the taste buds but the senses at large. It's a ritual that encourages creativity, a celebration where the sheesha transforms into a conduit for shared moments and unique fusions. As the aromatic clouds rise, so does the spirit of experimentation, making each sheesha session a bespoke journey, a canvas waiting to be painted with the colors of flavor and camaraderie. So, let the sheesha circle be a testament to the art of enjoyment, where every puff tells a story, and the canvas of creativity knows no bounds. Cheers to the delightful world of sheesha, where exploration is as limitless as the flavors it holds.

We are here to give you some unique ideas about ‘What to add to your Hookah Base besides water’ for a unique and thrilling sheesha session.

Excited? Read along and find out!

Hookah Base Alternatives

We often hear sheesha enthusiasts asking, "Apart from water, what else can I put in my hookah base to enhance the flavor and thickness of the smoke?" It's a fantastic inquiry that has intrigued many of us for years. Tobacco hookah flavors as well as tobacco-free shisha flavors hold a key importance, but what goes into the hookah base is even more important. While water remains the optimal choice for your hookah experience, we understand the desire for innovation. So, without further delay, here are our top recommendations to elevate the thickness of smoke and infuse delightful shisha flavors into your next session:

Fruit Juice:

Most people love the sweetness of fruity flavored hookah tobacco fruit punch and tropical juices make a great choice for the hookah base. Cranberry juice or lemonade also add a pleasant twist to the flavor. Cranberry, especially, complements unconventional shisha flavors like green mango, paan, or kiwi.

Soda Drinks:

Boost the sweetness of your smoke by filling the base with your favorite soda drink. While we don't endorse specific brands, the nostalgic appeal of orange soda, reminiscent of roller skating to disco music, is hard to resist. However, it is recommended to use flat soda to avoid the carbon dioxide fizzing in the base, which may enter your hoses and cause coughing.


The simplest and most common addition to your base is ice. By further cooling the smoke, ice enhances smoothness, making it easier to draw and contributing to the overall thickness of the smoke. Keep in mind not to clean your hookah base with warm water immediately after using ice, as drastic temperature changes can compromise the structural integrity of the glass base.

Pro Tip: For a thrilling experience, try using our most popular Spring Water, new shisha flavor and add ice to the hookah base.

Frozen Fruits

Whether straight from the packaging or freshly retrieved from the bag, incorporating frozen fruit chunks imparts a cooling effect to the water and introduces a subtle taste over time. It is advisable to pour water into the base before placing these firm and flavorful frozen pieces. Enhance the blend further by adding a mint leaf for an extra touch of sophistication.

Mint Infusion

To achieve a refreshing and minty smoking experience, consider introducing a few crushed mints into the water within the base. For a bolder approach, daring individuals may opt to include ice as well. If a less intense minty presence is preferred in the base, experimenting with milder, fruitier mint varieties with citrus undertones can provide a delightful flavor boost. You can experiment with our various mint flavours and add mint to the hookah base. Enjoy double the freshness!

We hope this simple guide on what to use in your hookah base besides water proves useful for your next sheesha session!