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How To Blow Smoke Rings and Other Shisha Tricks

In previous times, individuals found satisfaction in enjoying various shisha flavors during their gatherings with friends and family. However, as we step into 2024, a fresh wave of ingenuity opens! Imagine exploring the art of blowing smoke rings, also known as 'o's', and crafting intriguing shapes with your favorite hookah flavored tobacco. The excitement of enhancing your sheesha sessions with friends, delving into refreshing shisha flavors while immersing yourselves in the playful art of smoke manipulation. What a beautiful pastime for everyone! A gathering with your closest friends, the dim twilight and slightly windy open air sets the mood for your next sheesha session as you impress your friends with the latest sheesha tricks you just learnt. 

Welcome back to another flavorful and fun blog! In this blog post, we embark on a journey to unveil the fundamentals of blowing smoke rings, accompanied by insightful techniques to fashion captivating shapes. Prepare your hookah, for a world of creativity awaits as you buy shisha flavoured hookah online!

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How to Blow Smoke Rings?

No matter what hookah flavour you use, you can blow smoke rings, follow these simple steps which are quite easy yet impressive:

  1. Inhale the vapor from your hookah and hold it in your mouth.
  2. Draw your tongue back to direct the smoke towards the rear of your mouth, away from your lips.
  3. Shape your mouth into a rounded 'o' formation, ensuring the smoke remains trapped inside.
  4. Release small bursts of vapor, similar to a subtle cough.

It's important to minimize airflow in the vicinity to prevent disruption of the smoke rings. Still air allows the rings to maintain their shape and endure for a longer duration. Like any skill, mastering smoke rings involves a learning curve. Start with simpler techniques and gradually progress to more intricate tricks.

Initially, draw vapor into your mouth, form an 'O' shape with your lips, tap your cheek, and release the vapor. With practice, you'll refine your technique, determining the optimal amount of vapor to pull and push for creating exquisite smoke rings using this straightforward method.

Begin by emitting vapor in quick pulses and short breaths, then advance to pulsating pushes using your tongue. Mastery of producing small puffs is essential before attempting larger smoke rings. With persistence and practice, you'll soon impress your friends with your smoke ring prowess.

Double and Triple Rings

Making rings is just like try new hookah flavours. Once you've mastered the basic "O" technique, it's time to elevate your skills with double and triple rings. While it may seem daunting at first, with a bit of focus and determination, you can achieve impressive results.

To create double rings, start by inhaling smoke as usual. Then, before exhaling, place a finger over your mouth and gently press and pull down on the upper lip to divide the opening into two parts. Exhale the smoke, and if executed correctly, you'll produce two rings simultaneously.

For those daring to attempt the mythical three rings, the process involves a slight modification. Instead of using just one finger to manipulate your upper lip, use two. For optimal results, ensure your mouth is as wide open as possible.

With practice and perseverance, you'll soon be showcasing your mastery of double and triple smoke rings, leaving your friends in awe of your newfound talent.

Other Rings to Surprise your Friends

Creating various smoke rings beyond the basic "O" shape can add flair to your hookah sessions. Here are a few creative techniques to try out:

  • The Bull Ring

   This method requires practice, preferably in front of a mirror for refinement. Begin by blowing a smoke ring, then step into it while exhaling and simultaneously breathe through your nose. This combination gives the appearance of a bullring, adding a playful twist to your smoke tricks with the best tobacco flavoured shisha from our collection.

  •  The Dragon, Blow Fire

   Fans of mythical creatures will enjoy this trick. To create the impression of a dragon, exhale vapor through both your nose and mouth in two diagonal beams. Inhale as usual, directing the vapor towards the rear of your mouth with your tongue. Then, exhale strongly while releasing vapor from your nose and partially closing the center of your mouth while keeping the sides open. With practice, you'll resemble a fearsome beast worthy of Game of Thrones.

  •  The Mushroom Cloud:

This trick is simpler than blowing a smoke ring. Inhale and hold the shisha flavoured hookah smoke in your mouth or throat for a few seconds. Then, release the vapor and quickly open and shut your mouth. The key is to avoid blowing the vapor forcefully, allowing it to form a cloud-like shape on its own. Experiment with different flavors to observe how they influence the texture and appearance of the cloud.

With patience and experimentation, you can master these smoke ring variations and impress your friends with your creativity during shisha sessions.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, mastering the art of blowing smoke rings is within your reach with practice and dedication. As you hone your skills, remember to incorporate the tips and techniques shared to enhance the appearance of your smoke rings. Don't hesitate to showcase your newfound talent to friends and acquaintances; they'll undoubtedly be impressed by your ability.

Furthermore, the journey doesn't end here. There are countless other tricks waiting to be explored, and acquiring the finest hookah accessories can elevate your experience even further. You can try different shapes as you buy shisha flavours online with Sheesha Sense.