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Shisha Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts of Shisha Smoking

A Sheesha party allows friends to gather and soak up the good times. It’s all about creating those heartwarming moments that stick with you forever. The air is filled with the sweet scent of flavored shisha hookah, setting the vibe for some real camaraderie. But, you know, amid all the laughter and chatter, it's kinda crucial to have some ground rules about using the sheesha.

Picture this: someone trying to hijack the sheesha hose or getting into a friendly brawl over who's the boss of the shisha. It happens, and most times, it's because folks aren't exactly pros on sheesha/hookah etiquette. As the responsible friend, it's sort of your job to drop some knowledge bombs on your buddies about the do's and don'ts of sheesha. That way, everyone can enjoy the Sheesha shenanigans without any unnecessary drama. 

So here we are folks! We've been nosing around various shisha flavour forums to spill the tea on the common slip-ups everyone makes. So, let's pledge to be the Sheesha etiquette ambassadors, spreading the word on how to keep the good vibes rolling. Educating our friends and family on the art of respectful sheesha-ing guarantees that these awesome moments stay free from any awkward moments. Here's to sharing the sheesha joy and keeping the good times flowing! 

Things to avoid while Sheesha Smoking 

While choosing the best hookah flavors is the key to a great sheesha party, there are a few etiquettes that everyone should keep in mind. Whether it’s about regarding someone’s choice of hookah flavors, snatching the pipe or keeping it with you for too long here are a few ground rules for everyone: 

Questioning other’s choice of flavors 

Turning down an offer to indulge in someone else's sheesha solely based on the kind of shisha flavor or type of pipe they've chosen is often deemed impolite. The preference for a particular flavored hookah tobacco is a personal choice and it's important to respect the host's decision in this matter. Communicating your flavor preferences to your friend beforehand is a considerate gesture. It prevents any potential discomfort or awkwardness once the sheesha session is already underway.

Do not Smoke into Someone’s Face 

Refrain from exhaling shisha smoke directly into someone's face, as it has long been recognized as impolite behavior. This practice goes against fundamental sheesha etiquettes, and it's generally well-known. Instead, choose to release the smoke either downwards or upwards into the air above you, ensuring that others won't inadvertently walk into the path of the smoke. This is especially appreciated if someone in your circle is not a fan of the particular shisha flavour

Do not Use Someone’s Pipe without permission 

Respecting personal boundaries and acknowledging the sanctity of someone else's belongings is a crucial aspect of sheesha etiquette. Using another person's shisha pipe without seeking explicit permission is a breach of courtesy and can lead to an uncomfortable situation. Just as we wouldn't borrow someone's items without asking, the same principle applies to the intimate act of sharing a shisha pipe. Always remember to obtain permission before indulging in someone else's sheesha equipment, fostering a culture of mutual respect and consideration within the communal experience of sheesha enjoyment.

Don’t pierce holes into the foil without permission 

Steer clear of playing foil ninja on someone else's shisha bowl without a green light! Poking holes in the aluminium foil may seem like a crafty move to amp up your own smoke game, but it's a big no-no without permission. When gearing up for a sheesha sesh with your favorite flavoured shisha tobacco from Sheesha Sense, always give your host a heads-up and ask before adding your personal touch. Hosting a sheesha get-together? Make it a party! Get your pals involved in the pipe prep – it's not just about smoke rings, but also about creating awesome memories together. Since shisha sessions are more than just a solo gig; they are a social bash waiting to happen when friends get together.                           

Do not mix additional stuff into the shared hookah 

Spicing up the sheesha experience by tossing in extra shisha flavors into the base can be a tempting experiment for some enthusiasts. Adding a splash of milk, a dash of juice, or a hint of glycerin for that extra kick. However, if it's not your sheesha pipe or many people are sharing one pipe, you might be diving into a flavor adventure without a map! Caution is the key here because tinkering with someone else's sheesha base could lead to a messy aftermath – making it a real headache to clean later. Plus, there's the risk of leaving behind a strong aroma or taste that might stick around for future sessions. Before embarking on a flavor escapade, it's always a good call to chat with your friends. Get the lowdown on their past flavor experiments and see if they're up for a collaborative taste test. After all, it's all about flavour fun with a side of sheesha wisdom! 

That’s it folks! By following these simple yet integral ground rules, you can have a great time. Sheesha Sense’s premium hookah flavours are at your service when it comes to elevating your sheesha parties! 

Have a blast!