WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Cleaning and Maintaining your Hookah for a Fun-Filled Puff Every time

Here’s what the say: if you take care of things they last! That holds true for shisha flavored hookahs as well. A clean hookah isn't just about maximizing flavor – it's vital for hygiene and your health. Hookah flavored tobacco leaves behind residue in the water pipe and hose. Over time, this buildup can harbor harmful bacteria and mold, especially if your water hookah isn't cleaned regularly. Inhaling from an unclean hookah means you risk inhaling these contaminants along with your chosen shisha flavors, like refreshing mint or juicy peach flavored tobacco. This can irritate your lungs and throat, potentially leading to respiratory problems.

Regular cleaning removes this residual gunk, ensuring a fresh and hygienic smoking experience. Think of it like enjoying a delicious meal – you wouldn't use dirty utensils, would you? The same goes for your hookah! Cleanliness allows the true essence of your chosen shisha tobacco to shine through, whether you're a purist who enjoys classic tobacco flavor or an adventurer seeking new shisha flavors from our vast online selection (including tobacco free hookah flavor options!). Imagine the difference between savoring the delicate notes of a fruity hookah flavor from a sparkling clean hookah compared to one clogged with residue. Cleanliness makes all the difference for a truly enjoyable hookah experience.

Clean like a Pro! 

Gather Your Cleaning Arsenal

There are various cleaning solutions you can purchase or make yourself:

  • Warm Water & Lemon Juice (Great for all parts):

For basic cleaning after your shisha flavour, a natural and readily available option is warm water with lemon juice. The warm water loosens leftover residue from your hookah sessions, while the lemon juice acts as a mild disinfectant and cuts through grime, leaving a fresh citrus scent. This is a great everyday cleaning method for most hookah parts, especially the glass base and stem. For tougher jobs, adding a tablespoon of baking soda to the mix creates a gentle abrasive that can scrub away stubborn residue flavored tobacco for hookah without scratching the glass.

  • Warm Water & Dish Soap (Great for all parts):

Another gentle cleaning option you might already have at home is warm water with a few drops of unscented dish soap. Be sure to use unscented soap, as scented varieties can leave a residue that affects the hookah flavor online of your shisha. The warm water loosens residue, while the dish soap cuts through grease and grime. This option is particularly useful for cleaning the hookah stem and hose, where leftover shisha tobacco remnants might be present. Remember to rinse all parts thoroughly with clean water after using dish soap to remove any soapy residue.

  • Warm Water & Strong Cleaners! (For heavily soiled parts, except hoses):

Finally, for heavily soiled hookahs that require a more powerful clean, commercially available hookah cleaning solutions like Bling! can be used. These are non-toxic solutions containing cleaning crystals that effectively tackle stubborn residue, mold, and mineral deposits. However, it's important to dilute this chemical! According to the manufacturer's instructions, as using it too strong can be abrasive. Crucially, avoid using Bling! on hoses because the cleaning crystals can get lodged inside and be difficult to remove, potentially affecting the taste of your shisha. This option is best reserved for deep cleaning after extended periods of use.

You'll also need a hookah base brush and a hookah shaft brush for scrubbing.

Disassemble & Prepare for Cleaning

Take your hookah apart, removing the bowl, tray, hose, and base from the stem. Don't forget the grommets! With your cleaning solution and brushes at hand, let's get scrubbing!

Cleaning the Hookah Base

  1. Pour your chosen solution into the base, filling it 1/3 to 1/2 way.
  2. Swirl the solution and scrub thoroughly with your base brush.
  3. Empty the solution and rinse the base multiple times to remove any lingering odor.

Pro Tip: Avoid sudden temperature changes (hot to cold or vice versa) when cleaning the glass base to prevent cracking after you are done smoking our flavored hookah tobacco

Cleaning the Hookah Stem

  1. Plug one end of the stem with your thumb and pour cleaning solution into the other end.
  2. Plug the open end and shake the stem back and forth to circulate the solution.
  3. Empty the solution and scrub the stem with your shaft brush from both ends.
  4. Rinse the stem thoroughly with tap water to remove any leftover solution.

Pro Tip: Unscrew and clean the purge valve. Scrub the ball bearing and wipe the valve's interior with a paper towel or Q-tip to ensure smooth purging during your sessions.

Additional Tips

  • Let all hookah parts air dry completely before reassembling.
  • Consider cleaning your hose regularly with warm water and lemon juice. You can also run hot water through the hose for a deeper clean.
  • Deep clean your hookah with Bling! once a month or as needed for heavily used hookahs.

So the next time you enjoy a shisha session with our best shisha flavours make sure you thoroughly clean your hookah afterwards by following these tips!