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How to make your sheesha taste better?

Sheesha sessions are a great way to  goods and a good laughter with friends. Gathering around a hookah with your favorite shisha flavour, with its aromatic clouds swirling, creates an ambiance conducive to relaxation and social interaction. It's a cherished tradition in many cultures, where friends come together to unwind, catch up and enjoy the pleasures of conversation. The act of passing the hookah hose among friends, each taking a leisurely puff of the finest hookah flavours, encourages a sense of connection and conviviality. In this convivial atmosphere, where stories flow as freely as the fragrant smoke, enhancing the flavor of the shisha helps add an extra layer of enjoyment to the communal experience.

What Determines the Quality of your Sheesha Sessions

This is an understated rule: the better the hookah smoke, greater will be the sheesha experience! 

The taste of the hookah depends on the choice of hookah flavored tobacco, coals, the correct filling of the bowl and the preparation of the smoking device, the hookah model means a lot. It is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to improve the taste on old devices. If your hookah is already several years old, it's time to think about updating. For other cases, the two main components of a delicious hookah are shisha flavor and coal:

Shisha Flavor: how your shisha tastes is severely affected by the quality of your flavoured shisha, the conditions and the shelf life. It doesn’t matter if it’s the tobacco-free shisha flavor or flavored tobacco shisha, we have the best shisha flavors that you can bet on. 

Shisha charcoal. Use only natural shisha charcoal, preferably coconut. As a last resort, take wood. But don't buy self-igniting coals.

The quality of smoking also depends on the design of the hookah, the method of stuffing. Each hookah has its own favorite tricks to improve the taste.

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If you can’t feel the Flavour

If you find yourself not experiencing the full taste of your shisha flavor despite properly preparing your hookah and packing the bowl, the issue may lie with the shisha flavor itself. There could be various reasons for this:

Quality of shisha flavor: Whether from a budget-friendly or upscale establishment, weak flavoring can be present due to poor impregnation in the shisha flavor. This results in flavors like strawberry, banana, or mango being barely perceptible. Consider trying shisha flavor from a different brand if this issue persists, or explore potential factors in the hookah setup.

Packing method: Some hookah enthusiasts compress shisha flavor tightly before packing, aiming for a stronger hit but potentially sacrificing taste. Conversely, a "fluffy" packing method with a small amount of the best shisha flavor can result in a less pronounced flavor. Aim for a middle ground by avoiding excessive compression and filling the bowl to about two-thirds full. To get further info on how to properly fill your hookah, you can read this blog: https://sheeshasense.us/blogs/news/mix-your-flavors-the-right-way-to-elevate-your-hookah-experience

Proper storage: Storing shisha flavor in an open container leads to drying and loss of flavor. To maintain freshness and taste, store your shisha flavor in an airtight container. This ensures that the flavors remain intact for a more enjoyable smoking experience.

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Tips for Enhancing the Flavor of Your Shisha

Even with top-notch shisha flavor from Sheesha Sense, natural charcoal and a quality hookah, you may still find the taste lacking. Here are some unconventional methods to address this issue or boost the flavor as you buy the best shisha flavors online:

Check for tightness: Ensure that air flows only through the bowl for a rich taste and thick smoke. Test the tightness by covering the shaft with your hand and drawing air through the shisha hose. If air leaks, inspect all connections for potential leaks.

Purge the hookah: If you detect extraneous tastes or bitterness while smoking our best hookah flavours and the smoke feels heavy, try purging the hookah. Older models may have a purge system with a valve containing a metal ball. Periodically clean and purge the hookah while smoking to maintain optimal flavor.

Properly heat the coal: Inadequately heated coal can spoil the flavor of your hookah. Ensure that the coal is heated evenly from all sides to avoid inhaling excessive carbon dioxide, which can diminish the smoking experience and lead to headaches.

Warm up the bowl and shisha flavor: Allow the bowl and hookah flavor to warm up evenly for 5-8 minutes after the coals are ready. This gradual warming process helps the shisha flavor retain its taste and ensures a steady smolder, resulting in abundant smoke production.

Use a molasses catcher: Install a shisha molasses catcher on the shaft to keep the smoke clean and flavorful throughout the session. This addition collects syrup and shisha particles, preventing them from contaminating the shaft and water, thereby enhancing fragrance and ensuring a pleasant smoking experience.

Maintain cleanliness: Clean your hookah thoroughly after each smoking session, especially when using intensely flavored shisha. Pay attention to cleaning the main parts and hoses, and consider using special brushes for convenience and thoroughness. Regular cleaning helps preserve the integrity of the flavors and ensures a satisfying smoking experience every time.

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With these small but useful tips and tricks you can significantly improve your sheesha experience. While you follow these, make sure you buy the finest hookah flavours online from our exclusive collection.