WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Mix your Flavors the Right Way to Elevate your Hookah Experience

Hello Sheesha Lovers and welcome to another edition of your favorite blog! While we all have our favorite hookah tobacco flavors, its true that at one point or another, we’ve all cheated on that flavor by trying something new or altering the taste by adding in another flavor entirely. Even the most die-hard of double apple smokers are guilty of trying out different shisha flavors. However, most importantly mixing flavors is an art form, and with any art comes practice and repetition which is what we hope to give you the tools for today.

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Blending is an Art

While typically we all start with layering our hookah tobacco flavor when we begin mixing, we’re here to say blending is the best way to understand mixing and get an outstanding flavor on your first try. With a blended mix you ensure each shisha flavor is no longer their own entities but one comprehensive flavor, and what you start tasting at the beginning is still what you taste at the end, especially compared to other ways of mixing. Another benefit with blending your hookah flavors is that the molasses is always equal which promotes a prolonged session and heat management. Generally speaking, blending is the all-around way to go.

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Blending Mix Style

The easiest way to start a blend is by layering each shisha flavor of your choice in the bowl. Layering negates any wasted tobacco you may have after packing without doing this step as you’ve already seen firsthand where you will be once you are repacking the now blended flavors. Starting with layers also allows you to really fine-tune how much of each flavor you’d like in the mix as you can begin to smell the finished product before you even get to that stage.

After you’ve nailed how much of each flavor from our premium types of shisha flavors your mix calls for and you can tell that the packing level will be perfect, dump the bowl out and start mixing. For this portion, you can use a mat when you want a clean and non-porous surface to mix the flavors together as thoroughly as possible. At this point some will even use scissors or knife and lightly go over the mass of leaves to ensure every leaf is even, but it should be noted that this is considered extra credit as you don’t need to do this although it will add some showmanship for those watching so don’t be afraid to add some flair as well. Finally add your now mixed shisha flavor to the bowl, repack to your desired taste and get to smoking!

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Sectioning (Side-By-Side)

As much as we love getting our hands dirty and immersing ourselves in our blended shisha flavored hookah mixes, sometimes it can be a better option to go with a simple sectioned mix and let the hookah flavors shine forth on their own. This comes in handy especially when you want to have all the little nuances every flavor has still come into play but only be further complemented by another flavor or two in the same session.

Sectioning Mix Style

The key to a good sectioned mix is to understand the flavor strength of each hookah tobacco prior to diving in. Say you have never had our Mint flavor, but you love strawberry flavoured hookah and have a craving for a nice minty strawberry cake mix - trust us, we’ve been there. You start with a large majority of strawberry to a measly 20% of the mint which becomes washed out in a matter of a few minutes due to how bold the mint flavour is. Repack time.

Once you have some flavors you are familiar with and have even become favorites, you can really begin to hone in on what a sectioned mix calls for. Keeping with our mint strawberry mix example you now know that hookah flavoured shisha can be quite bold, both on the strawberry and on the mint whereas strawberry is more of a subdued profile in comparison. This time going with a little more than half of the mint to the strawberry shisha flavor finally comes across as what you set out craving in the first place!

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Sectioned mixes certainly give you a little more versatility in the fusion aspect as compared to blends as the heat ultimately becomes your emulsifier and is doing what your hands were doing when blending in our last section. In a blend the flavor is one, wherewith a sectioned mix all of the great parts that define the set of flavors you are using all come together to form what a blend will do while still being their entities entirely as you will learn once you compare the two.

Get the Best Flavors to Mix from Sheesha Sense

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